Custom made eyecatchers with attitude.

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We are specialized in high quality Aviator furniture and industrial Crank designs. Because we work directly and exclusively with the manufacturers and creators, we can always customize your unique piece of furniture. Your Aviator or industrial Crank will be the eye-catcher in your home, office and business. And pssst you wanna hear something new? This winter Boola Boola will be the one and only exclusive distrubitor of a new brand! Stay tuned for Lipstick hippies unique funky art pieces.  

Fierce and famous Aviators & industrial furniture

The wing desk is something special! A beautiful Aviator furniture piece in your home, office or home-office. The design is aerodynamic, sexy and gallant like the wing of an airplane.

This desk is based on the famous streamlined Spitfire fighter plane with its aluminum patchwork frame and steel screws.

The swan chair is a perfect match with the wing desk. Absolute eyecatchers!

Aviator lounge set

    Crank industrials


Have a look at our latest brilliant industrials. These crank tables are made of heavy solid materials and weigh 225 KG per piece. Every table is adjustable from 75 cm to 105 cm in height.

In short; bold and beautiful industrial furniture
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Featured Aviator pieces