Industrial table base Gent



An original industrial table base Gent Crank design. This table base is made of solid iron for the real deal industrial look, the Crank can be made in chrome or in matt black. Crank it up from a 75 cm height diner table to 105 cm bar height! 

We use reclaimed iron for this black industrial table base Gent. The use of iron not only brings in industrial elements, but also ensures that the base is sturdy. The gears remain functioning, and the industrial table is 100% tip-resistant.

This iron black industrial Crank table base can be custom-made for you with specific measurements to fit your own table top. We can make the base in your favorite color. Just the way you like it to fit your style! For custum wishes please contact us. On our Instagram or Facebook account you will find some inspiration.

Pricing is based on a base to fit a standard table top of 100 cm width and 220 cm length. A dining or conference table that fits 6 to 8 people.

Measurements are possible with minimum of 180 cm length table top to a maximum table top of 350 cm.

Shipping and delivery

We can ship your new aviators & industrials worldwide! We are a company based in The Netherlands and we offer free shipping and delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In Europe we can ship fast and everywhere, working with our freight forwarding partners and will calculate the best and sharpest offer for you. Our partners will deliver to your doorstep.

Outside of Europe, we can also deliver to any region or country. Depending on your order, we will send it through from our warehouse or will directly ship from the factory to your home or office.  Our ability to ship directly from the factory means faster, cheaper transportation and total cost for our customers.


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