Boola Boola Industrial furniture.

Boola Boola – Industrial furniture

We are specialized in high quality Aviator furniture and industrial Crank designs. This is what we do, this is what we are good at. We are a family business, you do not get a sales manager, you get Thomas on the phone. He will help you with your order.

We can deliver your Aviator designs & Crank tables throughout Europe and the USA. We are a company based in Holland, we can offer free shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium.

How we work

We offer quality. Every design that is ordered is discussed with Thomas. He knows better than anyone what the possibilities are for your design. Colors, finishes, measurements… he will help you. Trust us, we’ve had quite a few design challenges!

Because we are in direct contact with the creators of our furniture designs, we have a lot of influence on the desired quality, look and feel of the Aviator and Crank furniture pieces.


In Europe we work with several logistics partners. We always provide the best and most competitive delivery quote. We have competitive rates for central and eastern Europe as well as Scandinavia. Our partners deliver to your front door.

We deliver outside Europe per quote, no matter where you live or work! We will look for the most economical and fast shipping option for you. Please contact us if you are interested.

    Industrial furniture – Crank tables

Crank it up!

Crank up your home, office space or business with these brilliant Crank tables! From eye-catching dining table to industrial conference table, adjustable from 75 cm to 115 cm in height.

Heavy iron gears and cranks give real industrial style while adding function to your home. These industrial pieces can be used as tables or desk in any room or as a pub table in the kitchen. In your office they will make a great centerpiece, conference- or show table for your products.

Fierce and famous Aviators

Wing it!

The wing desk is something special! A beautiful Aviator furniture piece in your home, office or home-office. The design is aerodynamic, sexy and gallant like the wing of an airplane.

This desk is based on the famous streamlined Spitfire fighter plane with its aluminum patchwork frame and steel screws. The swan chair is a perfect match with the wing desk. Absolute eyecatchers!