Aviator furniture

A complete collection of statement pieces to fit your space. Your Aviator furniture design is not just any piece of furniture, these pieces are the eyecatchers in your home or office. Your Aviator furniture piece has to suit your style and space using the right colors, dimensions and finishes.

Richards’ Trunk 

The Trunk collection is inspired by a worn, custom-made steamer Trunk.  Wooden frames are wrapped in alumium patchwork or canvas  finish, with steel screws, aged wooden strips, leather handles and corner protector genuine leather pieces. The Trunk collection brings you back to early twenties.

Aviator Blackhawk

A collection inspired by two different military aircraft, melded together in one cool design. The rounded edges and unique drawer handles are reminiscent of the curved lines of the Black Hawk helicopter while the Spitfire finish takes its cue from the famous Spitfire fighter plane.

Custom made options

At Boola Boola we can make your Aviators custom made for your home, business or office space. Let us know what custom finishes and measurements you would like for your unique Aviator collection piece. Please contact us so we can tell you about all the possibilities.

Aviator furniture